Ceramic (Clear) Braces

Would you feel self-conscious with traditional metal braces? If so, ask Dr. Siara-Olds if you’re a candidate for ceramic (clear) braces. Ceramic braces are a discreet option because they blend in with the natural color of your tooth enamel.

Here’s what you need to know about ceramic braces.

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Clear Ceramic Braces Milford Mi Orthodontist

Am I a Candidate for Ceramic Braces?

In general, we may recommend ceramic braces for patients who have all their adult teeth and have stopped growing. This is because ceramic braces aren’t as durable as traditional metal ones. As such, they’re ideal for patients who need quick corrections to their teeth.

Ceramic braces are also a good option if you want to avoid having noticeable brackets and wires. From a distance, no one will even be able to tell that you’re wearing braces. This is perfect for adult patients who may be working full time or going to college and want to maintain a professional image.

How Do I Take Care of Clear Braces?

Your ceramic brackets won’t stain easily. But the elastic ties we use to hold them to the wire may stain if you don’t practice good oral hygiene at home.

To avoid staining, we recommend that you brush and floss after every meal. This will help remove any food particles caught around your teeth and gums.

We also recommend that you quit smoking as this can yellow your teeth. Likewise, avoid staining foods and drinks like coffee.

While it may be tempting, do NOT use whitening toothpaste during your orthodontic treatment. This will only whiten the exposed enamel and will make your teeth look blotchy when we remove your braces.

How Are Ceramic Braces Different From Invisalign®?

Invisalign treatment involves wearing a series of clear aligners that fit over your teeth. Over time, these aligners move your teeth into perfect alignment. This is different from ceramic brackets, which are glued onto the surface of your teeth.

Unlike ceramic braces, you’ll be able to remove your Invisalign aligners to eat, brush your teeth, and floss. But this also requires that you have enough discipline to wear your aligner 20 to 22 hours a day so they have time to work.

Both ceramic braces and Invisalign are discreet options for teenage and adult patients. But you’ll need to schedule a consultation with our orthodontist to learn which is right for you.

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