Limited Orthodontics

Not all patients need comprehensive orthodontics. If you only need small cosmetic changes to your smile, Dr. Siara-Olds may recommend limited treatment. This may especially be the case if your front teeth are slightly crowded, overlapping, rotated, or tipped.

Here’s what else you need to know about limited orthodontics.
Limited Orthodontics Milford Mi Orthodontist

What Can I Expect During Treatment?

In general, we treat minor issues with metal braces, ceramic braces, or Invisalign® clear aligners. But it’s important to remember that each patient is different.

Sometimes we don’t even need braces to achieve noticeable improvements in tooth alignment.

How Long Does Limited Orthodontics Take?

Each patient has their own orthodontic needs. But in general, you may be able to achieve the aesthetic results you want in as little as six to nine months. This is because limited orthodontics only focuses on improving the appearance of your smile, which takes less time than correcting major issues with the teeth and jaws.

Who is a Candidate for Limited Treatment?

You may be a candidate for limited treatment if you only need a few cosmetic changes to your front teeth. In general, limited treatment focuses on the teeth that are visible when you smile and talk. These teeth are often referred to as being in the “smile zone.”


Don’t have any functional issues with your teeth and jaws? If so, either you or your parents may have not seen the need to get orthodontics when you were younger. But that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from orthodontics now.

Likewise, you may have received orthodontic treatment as a child but need some small adjustments as an adult. This may especially be true if you haven’t been diligent about wearing your retainer.

Either way, Dr. Siara-Olds will be able to develop a treatment plan that’s tailored to your specific needs and smile goals. That way, you’ll be able to show off your smile with confidence.

To learn more, be sure to check out our page on orthodontics for adults.


Your child may be a candidate for limited orthodontics if they only need a few minor adjustments to their teeth. Improving their smile will help boost your child’s confidence so they can smile, laugh, and play without feeling self-conscious about their teeth.

Request a Consultation With Dr. Siara-Olds

Dr. Siara-Olds is a board-certified orthodontist in Milford, MI. As such, she’d be more than happy to help you achieve the smile of your dreams. During your consultation, she’ll be able to determine if you’re a candidate for limited orthodontics and will develop a custom treatment plan for your smile.

To request a consultation, please call Siara-Olds Orthodontics at (248) 684-6833. You may also fill out our online contact form and someone from our office will reach out to you soon.